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The board has formed four sub groups to help it in the task of running the affairs at Barnet homes viz. business sub-group, standards sub-group, resources sub-group, procurement sub-group. The board is given strategic direction through a strategic steering group. The structure of these subgroups is flexible enough to include up to five co-opted members to bring additional relevant skills and experience. The Board delegates roles to area partnership and regeneration panels. The Barnet Housing Consultative Panel is the main consultation forum for Barnet Homes on borough wide operational issues and for Barnet Council on strategic housing issues. These panels focus on the housing management services provided by Barnet Homes. A separate steering group on each estate is responsible for working with partners on the regeneration proposals for the estate. There are also specialist partnership panels for sheltered housing and leaseholders. Barnet homes employs 367 full time staff and 52 Direct Labor Organization operatives (DLOs). It comprises substantially of the staff transferred from the housing service of its parent Barnet Council. The percentage break-up of staff involved in various categories of jobs is as follows- Housing Management(27%) ,Technical Services(19%),Caretaking(18%), DLO(15%), Supporting People(10%),Corporate (4%),CEO(4%) and Finance(3%).(5 Year, 2005)

The stated aims and objectives of the organization

Barnet homes has set for itself following six fold objectives:

1. To provide excellent services driven by customer involvement.

2. To bring all homes up to decent homes plus standard by 2010.

3. To provide services that meets the needs of all our diverse &amp. vulnerable customers.

4. To develop safe sustainable &amp. cohesive communities through partnership.

5. To develop a highly skilled, motivated and satisfied workforce, which is reflected in high quality services to residents, and

6. To develop new business areas for Barnet homes.

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