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Project 2 Writing Assignment

Poetry Essay

Word Count: 500-700 words (Be sure to observe the word count.)

Format:Essay in MLA style.

You may include visuals with the essay if you wish.

Assignment: Poem- “Forgetfulness”  by billy Collins 

Explain how that poem affects you and how the language and poetic language  in the 

poem creates that effect.

Be sure to analyze how the poet uses stories, words, and 

phrases to create the meaning the poem has for you.

Write a short, well-organized 

essay In the introduction, write the title of the poem and the author. Also,  summarize

the effect the poem has on you.

In the body of the essay, discuss specific lines and/or words in the poem which 

create this effect on you.

Use specific details, scenes, or situations from your life

to explain the effect the poem has on you. Write a concluding paragraph for the essay.

The following questions are provided to help you think about the poem, but you do not 

have to answer them. 

They are only guides and examples.

Does the poem remind you of a place, situation or person? Does the poem cause you to

experience thoughts or emotions? Does it remind you of a story from your life? Does it 

remind you of something or someone you have observed?

What language in the poem causes you to experience the thoughts, memories, and/or 

emotions caused by the poem?  Be sure to discuss poetic language, for example, 

similes, metaphors, symbols, alliteration, etc.


these rules when writing about poetry: It is fine to use some short quotations, but limit quotations to about 10-15% of 

your paper.   Try to use 1-3 lines to make your point, not a whole stanza.  

Refer to the author of the poem by the last name, for example, Collins.

Lines between poems are separated with slashes.

For example:“The fog 

comes/on little cat feet” (Sandburg).

Quotations four lines or longer from the poem are indented 10 spaces and retain the poem’s original form. (Try to avoid long quotations.  

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