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Need an argumentative essay on Types of the Project Management Policy. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This paper illustrates that project management is one of the crucial strategic attributes for the organizations. It encompasses the systematic process of accomplishing any project. Mainly, the project managers are implementing information, expertise and sustainable techniques in the project phases. Execution of various projects is more effective and efficient with the help of prior project management policies. Competency of the organization increases gradually with the help of goal orientated project process. In the current study, the researcher has made an in-depth analysis of various project management policies. A major role of the project manager is to monitor and control different project related process. They collect information from the employees and other project members. Then they measure the performance of the employees and disseminate various information regarding the gaps in performance, with respect to benchmark criteria. This information will aid managers in making more feasible assessment process. These factors will help management to outline tendency of projects. Forecasting policy of project manager will carry out remedial actions for the project operations. In addition, risk management will be helping organizations in making the growth. Project managers will suggest some remedial actions for developing project operational policies. In addition, anticipatory actions for possible risk facing during the project will be adopted by the project managers. Project management process will also outline different policies like the prediction of project outcome, detection of faults or defects and change management. Project managers must be able to control the changes that are incorporated along with the project operational policies. Managers control the changes in any project so that they are able to merge remedial measures. In this context, managers are making the approval for any sort of operational changes in the project. They can also reject certain changes that would create more risks in the project.

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