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Write 2 page essay on the topic Choose an issue impacting your High School, Community, Country, or the World and why it is important to you.

to balance the act by “affirmative action programs to help blacks, women and other minorities to get better jobs and education,” although no clear-cut public opinion is available on “racial preferences.” Although people have made real progress in eliminating racial discrimination from all walks of life yet we can see that employment opportunities are limited for blacks,

housing problems are more severe for belonging to another nation and race.

African-Americans of the same qualifications are offered 25 percent less salary than their white counterparts while holding the same high school certificates. Similarly, Latino men earn 37 cents less in a dollar than their white co-workers.

Women are also a victim of racial discrimination. they earn just 76.2 percent of what men earn. Discrimination among women employees happens at work places, as African American, Native American and Latino women are offered less than white and Asian American women.

Discrimination is happening at national level in all opportunities, which are offered to whites more than to blacks. Other than employment and housing, education is also affected. People commit hate crimes and racial profiling is going without interruption.

It is very pathetic that in the time of grief when communities were struck by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the African Americans were made to suffer more than white community people. The road to race based discrimination does not come to an end there. This pervasive color based discrimination was also noticed in relocation of Katrina victims. As per the tests made by the National Fair Housing Alliance, bias treatment was made in the matter of relocation, favoring white people to blacks. Discrimination is also made in rental transactions, as in about 6 out of 10 rental contracts occupants were not favored because of their color. It has been noticed by the Urban Institute in a study that African Americans and Hispanics are not preferred by mortgage lending

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