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(See PARC History) They have also partnered with SolFocus, Inc. to develop new concentrator photovoltaic systems, which may lead to the creation of less-expensive solar power.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are visionaries who helped to create the world of personal computers and computing as we know it today. Without both of their ideas, and their willingness to risk it all for those ideas, personal computers might not have become a staple in many homes throughout the world. Their enthusiasm proved to be infectious and as time has shown well merited. They were able to take the ideas and works of others and refine them, build upon them, and make them their own.

If Steve Jobs had never gone to PARC users of computers wouldn’t be able to point and click with their mice. If Bill Gates had not bought Seattle Computer Products’ QDOS there would not has been MS-DOS and IBM’s PCs might not have become such a big success. There biggest commonality is their ability to sell semi-functional products to people and make them believe that they got their money’s worth. Apple’s first computers crashed with some regularity and many people joke about having to open and close Windows to make it work. But people kept buying their products, knowing that they didn’t function fully or properly because these men were dynamic salesmen. They were the P.T. Barnum’s of the personal computing industry.

These are just a few of their similarities, but they are two very different people, as is proven by the paths their lives have taken since their careers began. Steve Jobs is said to be attitudinal, conceited, and cruel to underlings, as is Bill Gates according to former staff members and writers, but Job’s attitude has forced him to keep moving from company to company and idea to idea.

His attitude and behavior forced him out of a project he was leading at Apple and led to his being forced into an office with nothing to do. Jobs’ antinetworking attitude may have held him back from being a bigger success.

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