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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Analysis of Paracetamol in Urine Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography Hyphenated to Ion-Trap Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer.

thods including. thin layer titration, fluoremetry, UV-spectrophotometry, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and chromatography have been applied in paracetamol analysis in pharmaceutical preparations4. In this experiment HPLC was used to analyze this drug in urine. Normally, the formulation is in water preparations and simple filtration can be done to eliminate insoluble excipients.

Filtrate analysis can be through HPLC with UV detection. However, direct analysis in urine or blood is not practical due to biological fluids have several other molecules that are UV active and do interferes with the analysis3. One way to approach such is to employ methodology based on HPLC and mass spectrometric detection which was used in this experiment. The advantage for this method is that there is identification of the analyte with respect to. mass to charge ratio, retention time and mass spectrum4.

500 mg paracetamol tablet was ground to a fine powder with a mortar and pestle. The resulting powder was transferred to a volumetric flask (100 ml).To make sure that all the powder was transferred to the volumetric flask the pestle and mortar was rinsed with deionised water. The volume in the flask was filled up to 100 ml mark with deionised water. The solution was sonicated at ambient temperature for 5 min. The resulting solution was filtered into a 100 ml clean volumetric flask. 10 ?l was transferred to a sample vial then diluted with deionised water to 1.0 ml. Diluted solution of 100 ?l was transferred to a clean vial and diluted with deionised water to 1.0 ml. An aliquot (5 ?l) was later injected onto the HPLC column

1liter of formic acid (0.1 %) was prepared in water-mobile phase ‘A’ and 1l formic acid (0.1 %) was as well prepared in acetonitrile-mobile phase ‘B’. The solvents were transferred to corresponding solvent lines on the system of HPLC. The system was purged with the solvents by opening the valve of purge on pump ‘B’ and pump

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