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I will pay for the following essay Educational relevance of Vygotsky’s theory. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The main idea in Vygotskys theory is his principle that biological and cultural development does not take place in isolation. Vygotsky held that development is a procedure that has to be examined, instead of a product to be attained (Social Development Theory, No date).

This theory acknowledged that individuals learn through social interactions and their culture.

They gain knowledge through dialogues in which individuals socially interact and communicate with others to discover the cultural values of the society. Vygotsky also believed that human activities take place in cultural settings and cannot be understood separately from these settings (Woolfolk, 2004).

The second belief in Vygotsky’s perspective is that all superior mental functions begin in social activity, that is, the real formation of relations among humans. Development entails mental processes initially on the social level, among individuals, and after that on the individual basis, within the child. Thus, through these social interactions, an individual moves in the direction of more individualized thought process. The co-constructed progression consists of individuals interacting through common activities, typically to resolve a problem. When the child gets assistance through this process, he or she may be able to use enhanced strategies in the future, should a similar difficulty occur. The co-constructed dialogues directs to internalization, which then results in independent though process (Social Development Theory, No date).

The development of language is considered to be the chief aspect of Vygotskys sociocultural theory. The language of a certain group of people signifies their cultural beliefs and value system. This suggests that children learn language in a similar fashion as learning of cognitive skills. Vygotsky affirms that individuals might have fabricated prejudices, regulations, and restrictions about language that limit the amount of possibilities

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