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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Inclusion, Are Public schools still Viable, Can Federal Initiatives Save Schools, NCLB: Can all Students meet the standards.

It recognizes the rights of the disabled children, which is reflection of what the constitution says that no one should be discriminated against based on any social, political, religious, gender, attire, and societal status (Rhodes, 2012).

The law necessitates inclusion program in the schools where no discrimination on disability applied. Inclusion has culminated into fostering cohesion among the children of different status at the earliest possible time and they get the very opportune time to appreciate one another and utilize the potentials each of them have, as opposed to what critics says (Satcher, n.d). One should remember and pay attention to the fact that these are member of the society and at one point, they have to be integrated in the society at the family level, workplace, churches, or in public places (Howley, 2013). Public schools then allow the students to understand one another and relate normally without biasness. In this regard, public schools still remains as viable as they were and the process of inclusion has not changed anything apart from making education accommodative to all (Young, 2009)

The presence of the gangs near and in the public schools must be looked into for what is it. The occurrence should not warrant terming the schools not viable. On the other hand, the presence of the gang in and around schools comes with several challenges, which includes. death, in cold blood, recruitment of the students to join the gang or using them as a conduit for the gangs to access schools environs. Following the presence of the gangs within vicinity, students are being recruited for commercial sex through pimps associated to the gangs (Young, 2009). The fear of the gangs invading the school during scheduled school activities has seen schools postponing their activities. For instance, south end school failed to commence their scheduled basket ball game in fear of the same.

In terms of the development of the gangs, it is complex to

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