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Need an argumentative essay on Critical Thinking Portfolio Piece B (Childrens Dependence on Technology-a societal problem). Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Policy, as well as frameworks needs to be developed to provide a basis for care to technology- dependent children. Relating to children dependency on technology, certain critical aspects need considerations.

It is vital to understand that technology has been influential in assisting elevate disability issues in children. Technology dependency by children has increased their survival rates. Technology dependency has been instrumental in assisting children attain basic life functions (Cockett, 2012). On the physiological front, technological dependency by children assists families attain normalcy. On the other hand, the transition of technology dependent children from hospitals to homes impairs families. This paper provides various perspectives to associate with technology-dependent children. It relates to the social implications technology-dependent children have on families. The paper stimulates critical thinking on the provision of medical machinery in the home environment. It further provides a basis for future research and basis for policy development.

It is imperative to note that the improvement in technology in the medical field has been assistive to children with chronic medical conditions. The improvement in technology in the medical field has improved the survival rates of patients. Such improvements have made it possible for the industry to provide better services. Unlike decades ago, the use of expensive machinery has been important in saving premature children. Another group of children, who are Technological- dependent, relate to children with disabilities (Cockett, 2012). The increase in cases of children needing care has dramatically increased over the last decades. To cut on costs hospitals have transferred their care technology to homes and community. This implication has made pediatric homes popular in the society.

Children living with various chronic illnesses wish to live a normal life. It is true that such children on their

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