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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses This assignment requires you to write a 500 word individual task justifying your choice of a second networking group.

Also they looked more organized and disciplined in their daily operations.

The Tiger was better and large enough to support my objectives. They had required numbers of knowledge personnel, teamworking and experience in marketing the product. This helped in encountering competitors in the market, the plans we laid on how to reach the set goals, by minimizing costs both on efficiently and effective ways. The second group had smart objectives to bulldoze competitors in the market

The group also showed greater signs of growth. They also established business roots on the ground, this anchored the group. By improved customer margins meant the profits margins had a greater potential of increasing. The team had vital marketing skills needed to facilitate smooth marketing operation of commodities. With proper infrastructure in line with the group goals, the road to promotion was easier than before.

It also had expertise and knowledgeable to the service to serve the entire market. Communication was effective with customers in market segmentation, this aided much in understanding customers needs, tastes and preferences. The group was able to dispatch products according to consumers needs, this meant supply could fit the current demand figures in the market. Enabling products would reach consumers at the exact place, time, and quantities.

Different marketing strategies helped the production and distribution department to balance the exact items to be produced and availed to the market. The group decided to use undifferentiated marketing strategy, where the sales people and markers appealed to one large market segment with single marketing strategies. This lowered production and distribution costs, since single unit was marketed. Popularization was easier because different consumers wanted the same benefits.

The team was well positioned on the ground, which was most appealing to the customers, different consumers had different perception and values on

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