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they believed they controlled the nature hence they did everything to please them and have their favors (Kathleen 124) .They had a king called pharaoh to whom they believed came from the gods and all religious practices centered on him. The government of Egypt used most of its resources in performing rituals and building of temples. Each individual interacted with the gods through prayers and believed in magic. They believed in life after death and they performed various funeral practices. They offered much treatment to the dead so as to maintain their bodies and spirits hence they offered various goods to the grave.

They had gods that represented various things, such as sun god Ra, the creator god Amun, and the mother goddess Isis. They had strong beliefs in a pantheon of gods, who represented various aspects of society and human nature and had different roles. They controlled the forces of the nature and existed in various forms. Gods were also closely interrelated and even had gods who existed as a family as it contained the father, mother and child and they worshipped them together.

The Egyptian history is of two periods, that is the first and the second intermediate periods. The first intermediate (dark period) existed for close to 100 years. Two competing bases of powers characterized this period. The Upper Egypt in Thebes, and the Lower Egypt in Heracleopolis. The reason for splitting Egypt into two power bases was political in nature as the ruler Pepi II ruled for so long time hence creating difficulties in succession hence leading to splitting, but later the Theban king who resided at the lower base conquered the north hence leading to the reunification of Egypt.

The second intermediate period was also marked with political wrangles of succession. It started after the fall of the 12 dynasty. After the queen died, there was no heir to succeed her. This marked the end of the first intermediate period and the start of the second intermediate period.

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