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Compose a 1250 words essay on Explain why perfectly competitive firms cannot make supernormal profits in the long run but monopolies can. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Producers are only interested of taking their cost and resources are easily mobilized. Thus it makes a perfect combination.

The most interesting part is that Perfect Competitive market has growth levels to improve their quality and revise their prices which make them vulnerable and devoted towards their product. This is observed and practice because a lot of firms comes in and introduce their new may be advanced product to customers and if you fail to offer something equivalent then customers simply turns their backs. These are some positive gestures which you receive from the market to improve further or bring something new to attract the customers. All conditions are to be fulfilled to make it a Perfect Competitive Market.

Monopolistic Market: It is a place where only one party holds the system and moulds it accordingly. There are several other problems that occur for consumers if the market is monopolistic like supply constraints are faced often and prices are fixed according to their will, mostly high and excessive barriers are being laid for new comers which is a hindrance in getting new offers and sufferers are only customers as they can’t help buying the product available. This type of markets are usually said to be in telecommunication or media industry sectors as they lay strong foundation by investing a huge amount which cannot be easily challenged. But they are bad for themselves in a way that they do not face competitor, which does not make them realize to go for innovations or advancements. The best example here is American Software Company known as Microsoft which ruled the software sector for decades because of its Windows Operating System. They were later challenged by Apple with extra ordinary efforts for which Apple waited for years and today it is in dominance. Remember efficiency is not the only factor affecting monopoly. Monopolies can still achieve a good profit ratio then Competitive markets in the long run.

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