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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic What do college students know about STD’s: how GIS and remote sensing could be employed to reflect the prevalnce and incidene of STD’s among college students.

There are an estimated 65 million people in the US living with a viral STD. While representing 25% of the sexually active population, 15-24 year olds account for nearly 50% of all new STDs. 15-24 year olds have the most cases and the highest rates of reportable STDs than any other age group in the country.

(source- the statistics you have sent)

The reasons of youth susceptibility to STD are multiple partners, unprotected intercourse, pool of disease in age group, selecting of partners at higher risk, alcohol & drug use, lack of insurance or other ability to pay for services, transportation, discomfort with facilities, confidentiality. (source) As the research of Douglas (1997 cited in Heather) shows that 5% of college students report having 6 or more lifetime partners and 12-25 were diagnosed with STD.

The American Health Association discovered that sexual behavior is associated with social environment and community policies. (Eisenberg, 2002) Since, as other researches prove (Mosher W.D,McNally, 1991. Billy JOG, Moore DE, 1992, etc), contextual factors such as presence of family-planning clinics, the religious make-up of the neighborhood, local demographics have an impact on sexual behavior (the timing of first intercourse, choice of contraception method, etc) of a young person we assume that the high rate of STD is positively connected with such factors as proximity of pharmacy, hospital, and/or a bar to the place of college students’ residence and study.

We start with collecting demographic, health and sexual practices information in certain area. Once the data is collected at a certain place, the Tremble unit is plugged in to the computer, which is already quipped with a reader to interpret that data. The data received from questionnaires are entered into ARC software by ESRI tiger data with the help of geo-coding tool. The geo-code will display or plot the data as a dot or any other

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