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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Describe something you have accomplished that makes you proud. What did you learn from from this experience that might help you to ensure high academic achievement for all of your students. It needs to be at least 500 words.

An example would be the women in the Women’s Shelter in Suffolk County. These women come in with low self esteem, sometimes running from an abusive mate, and might have several children. It was my job to help these women realize their worth. Despite tough backgrounds and obstacles, anyone who sets their mind to it can achieve goals with the right tools.

Sometimes these tools are my counseling. Other tools could be another counselor, help with housing, drug counseling, and other programs. If a student is provided with resources, they can learn more efficiently knowing they are not alone.

I am also very proud of my non-published work. Even though it has not been published, I have been researching different subjects with success. I feel a teacher can only be effective when continuing their own individual education. Even the most intelligent individual does not encompass all the knowledge to be had in the world. My non published work includes:

The topics above will help me identify various predicaments my student will face. I am qualified to identify drug abuse, economic difficulty, social problems, care of parents or elderly relatives, and other issues. The key to teaching a student becomes understanding how they learn. If outside issues pressure a student until they are unable to learn, those issues must be taken care of first.

Due to my knowledge that all students come from diverse backgrounds, I feel I am better suited to help students achieve high academic results. Instead of just writing a student off as lazy, I will try to find the root of the problem. Sometimes tired students have home problems, housing issues, or mental issues that need to be dealt with. What I can not help with, I hope I can find the right resources to introduce to the student. A connection with the student must be made. I hope with help all my students could

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