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I will pay for the following essay Exam econmic of race and gender. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

rmulated as a response to the decisions of the United States Supreme Court which had led to the rights of the employees being limited since they sued their employers for discrimination.

a) The term paper was on the topic, “Instances of gender discriminatory behaviors at work places”. This helped me identify with the discrimination that people face at work and also allowed for a clearer understanding of the various acts and laws in place to resolve these issues.

On the whole, the term paper was very beneficial in better understanding of the subject as a whole. Working on the gender discriminatory behavior at work has not only helped in this class but is also a beneficial learning for how work environments actually function. Here this report has been detailed with complete insight into affirmative action and how it works. This provides a practical experience and helps relate better to subject. There is also clarity of various cases and the outcomes of the cases which make it simpler to understand the subject rather than simply learning the laws directly.

b) The group presentation was on the topic “Affirmative Action losing favor in the United States”. This presentation has been very helpful for the course as it helps bring out the views and opinions of the students on affirmative action. The presentation was divided into three main parts, i.e. history of affirmative action, diversity rationale and the main discussion of whether affirmative action is losing favor. The presentation was in its own way a chance for us to study the literature carefully and in detail. The presentation helped each of us work on different part individually which helped in understanding the subject to a greater extent. On the whole this presentation not only helped us learn the topic more in detail but also lead us to use our knowledge to correlate to the success of the affirmative action. This I believe brought about a lot of discussions and views which were not otherwise

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