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Hi, I need help with essay on Military Governments and Human Rights in the 20th Century Latin America. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

s in a story however though the lighter part of it have always been over-shadowed by the number of deaths and traumatic experiences these struggle for power and supremacy have brought at all corners of the world people are living in. It is painful enough to know that there are innocent people being killed however it is more painful to know that there are families being torn apart and family members killing each other in the process.

In Paul Dix and Pamela Fitzpatrick’s book, the characters were real people. They were real victims this is unlike other literary pieces where the characters are just based on what happened to real people. Here, one can actually feel the pain and anguish the victims and their families felt during the war in Nicaragua. Families lost a member or two while other victims lost their limbs. Though the pictures were in black and white, the message they conveyed were in high definition and in full color. This is the difference of this book compared to other war inspired books. No words were needed to express the pain and suffering of those people who got caught in the middle of conflicting parties. Children should have been playing with toys, having fun laughing and smiling unlike those in the pictures where they are crying and running away for safety (NicaraguaPhotoTestimony.Org).

During the year 1985, an Argentine film was produced to mirror how the war is breaking up friendships and families. There can also be a hint of losing one’s self-identity during the process. This film was Luis Puenzo’s The Official Story. This was the story about families, families torn apart by the war and a family that became complete because of the loss of others. The main female protagonist in this film was Alicia, who did not have a biological child with her husband Roberto and eventually adopted Gaby. It was Alicia’s curiosity that brought up the issue of Gaby’s biological parents. For someone who took care of a child and gave her a name and a home,

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