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I will pay for the following essay Market Analysis and Prospects for Timber Buildings in The Developing World. The essay is to be 16 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The rapid growth in industrialization, urbanization and civilization brought many problems by which not only human beings but also all the other livening things are suffering and our entire planet has come in danger. It has been now the major priority to save our planet from being deteriorated. In such a situation before creating anything the environmental factor is taken into consideration.

Construction line is also not at all exceptional. Today as all of us are acquainted with the drawbacks of the concrete or steel buildings, it has become necessary to think the other alternatives which the environment also will accept and it won’t be harmful to the environment.

The research paper aims at investigating how beneficial it will be to use the timber in constructing the buildings. The objective of this research therefore is to study different benefits of using timber in building material. It is also the aim of this research to find out the profitability in using timber for constructing the buildings and houses in rural and urban areas in developing world. For this the scientific, ecological benefits are analysed and the future market of timber buildings is also focussed.

The project represents a significant portion of the final year work of a degree programme. Progress during the year and the final report are both used as part of the assessment process. For this 150 hours have been spend in research and preparation of the final report. The topic for the research project is the “Market Analysis and Prospects of Timber Buildings in Developing World.” Timber has been an ideal material for building. Historically it is proved that wood has an inherent strength and durability and that is why it is an ideal material for building. Today when the architects and engineers plan to build the buildings they look at timber as their preference. In ancient time the man used to build the houses made by the Lignocelluloses

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