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90). Over the years, Chinese people have adopted bell- bottom pants fashion, which has been very significant to their culture.

Bell pants also known as bell-bottomed pants emerged within the 1980s era in China. They are characterized by thin and tight cut in hip with thighs part that helps one to walk comfortably.

They have short crotch, legs widened and loosened to give them a bell shape (Crane, 2013, p. 67). In addition, they are widened and loosened from the knee to prevent water being poured into the boots. Initially they were introduced as boot-cuts, which cover the knee and loosened to accommodate a boot. The width of the hem has been wider and flare –legged which have been highly preferred in the market by the Chinese.

Today, they are coming back to style because women really want to look stylish and fashionable. Bell-bottom pants are more flattering and favor those who do not want to wear skinny pants .They can attract and look fashionable in all types of figures (Baker & James, 2012, p. 80). Bell pants are of various waistline, pocket options and type. For example, hip huggers, which have the shortest rise and sit right over the hips. They are best for those with small to medium sized bottoms.

East Dane designer designs bell-bottom pants in different shapes and designs to satisfy the customer by favoring all body types, for instance low rise that can sit underneath the navel. Specifically worn by women with natural curves .Ultra low rise pants sit a bit higher up hip huggers and few inches below the navel and in some cases they may require a belt .They are commonly worn by women with smaller pants on their hips (Baker & James, 2012, p. 100).

Bell-bottom pants were not famous on the Chinese culture. Over the years, Chinese people have adopted bell-bottom pants fashion. Focusing on Chinese garments, we get to see set of styles of Qipao, cheongsam, western suits among others. The fashion became famous as years progressed and

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