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1 If you wanted to show the upward or downward trends in how Americans spent their Entertainment Dollars over a period of time, you would present the information on

a circle graph

a line graph

a pie graph

a bar graph

2 If you wanted to show the increase in the federal budget deficit over a twenty year period, the most effective visual aid would be

a line graph

a pie graph

a bar graph

a circle graph

3 In a speech to the House select Committee on energy Independence, the following was said: “The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population but uses nearly 25 percent of the world’s oil. Americans use 10,000 gallons of oil—enough to fill a backyard swimming pool—every second of every day.” In this statement to congress, Shell Oil Company President John Hofmeister used what type of supporting material to relate his point?

 a visual aid

a quotation

an example


4 In understanding the speaking patterns of each gender, the text advises us to

be more accepting of our unique perspectives.

make more generalizations about speaking based upon gender.

avoid making any changes in our language patterns.

become more alike in the manner we speak.

5 Issues where research clusters around natural headings are organized according to ______________ sequence/pattern.





6 I’ve been reflecting on what the past eight years have meant, and mean. And the image that comes to mind like a refrain is a nautical one…It has been quite a journey this decade, and we held together through some stormy seas.” These lines from the 1988 Farewell Address of Ronald Reagan are an example of


a simile


a metaphor

7 Let us work together to end bigotry, racism, and prejudice. Let us remember that equality is a spirit that we must practice, and a principle that we must pass on to our children.” This conclusion is an example of

a challenge

a rhetorical question

an appeal

a summary

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