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I will pay for the following essay COMMUNITY POLICING. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

of partner in community policing, application of window broken approach in community policing and relation of community policing and the Chicago department of police.

Community policing is used to decrease the increasing rate of crime with the help of people. Community policing is also known as neighborhood policing.

It highlights one important idea that it can reduce the crime by demanding the active involvement of people in the process of detectiing a crime. It addresses the issues of crime in the society, the fear of people about the crime, criminals and vandals in the society, problems and issues taking place where the attention of the police is not reached. This notion is designed to work with the use of organizational strategies making sure the involvement of people in a systematic way and by the use of problem solving techniques. Therefore it can address the immediate problems of society and will help to keep the social order in the desired way.

Over the last twenty five years, the notion of community policing has been evolving and it has grabbed the attention of the state government in America. The violent crime control and Law enforcement was enacted in the United States in 1994 and it ordered to create a community police who are supposed to work in the community areas encouraging the involvement of people in that particular area to reduce crime and bring social order and harmony. “In addition, a new agency, the Office of Community Oriented Police Services (COPS), was created to carry out this mission, and to administer extensive funding and implementation of community policing programs across the country. According to the latest estimates, community policing is widespread, with approximately 80 percent of larger municipal and county police departments employing an average of twenty or more community policing officers.” (Willis).

“A community policing concept paper is created with a vision statement definition of community policing, an outline of

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