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Write 4 page essay on the topic This should be based on paignton zoo(Thats the tourist atraction I’ve chosen for this assignment. Should begin this assessment with a PEST analysis for the chosen attraction(Paignton zoo). Then it is required to evaluate the current use of avai.

Since its inception, the Zoo has always endeavoured to ensure that it operates in line with the provisions of the Zoo Licensing Act 1981. The management also ensures that all other legislation that govern zoo operations are strictly followed. These include measures of addressing human health and safety, animal transport, animal protection law and many others (Jones, & Jowett, 1998).

Even as the management grapples with effects of the short summer vacation during which the zoo gets the maximum number of visitors. The introduction of the Deregulation Bill into the House of Lords poses a major threat on the zoo. It is apparent that the Bill seeks to shorten the summer holiday from six to just four weeks.

Like all major tourist attraction sites in the country, tourist visits at the zoo are usually dependent on the season of the year, with maximum visits recorded during the summer season. Tourist numbers during the other seasons are often low with a minimum number of visitors recorded during the winter season.

Over the recent past, the zoo has come under intense competition from other competitively priced overseas resorts that provide attractive holiday packages for their customers. Recent increases in demand for long haul tourism and increasing desire by tourist to visit more exotic locations has also left the zoo grappling with means of retaining its regular customers. However, the zoo has initiated several measures such as subsidizing its prices and introducing favourable price tickets for all return visitors (Fyall, Garrod, Leask, &Wanhill, 2008).

The management acknowledges that the zoo has started to experience the effects of changing attitudes by tourists towards the English seaside holiday facilities. A major contributor to this change of perception could be precipitated by the adverse impacts of the summer weather that has

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