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Hello, I have this computer science research about “Media Streaming”

I already have all the informations in i just need the research to be more professional and there are some notes from my professor if you can please add these to the research. 

It should be about 5 pages I have about 4 pages already

I need it by Tuesday  Jun/26/18 at 5pm Los Angeles time zone

Please If you use any sources include them in the paper 

My Professor Notes About The Research:

1-  You need to define these terms and as the paper progresses you may improve the definitions. The reader needs a working definition of what these are and how to evaluate what these terms mean. 

2-  Draw a diagram to make it clear what’s going on. Is streaming always done over the Internet or can streaming occur on the same computer? 

3-  The definition is good if the audience isn’t an audience of computer science students. I think you need to give a definition that is more appropriate for the audience that you are writing for. 

4-  This appears to be a critical term that you haven’t introduced or defined yet. 

5-  The protocol itself is more important that who owns it. 

6-  Benefit how? Define what is meant by benefit and why streaming is a better technical solution to alternatives. 

 7- Please write the “How streaming works”  section in such a way that demonstrates that you understand what ‘streaming’ is and the underlying science & engineering of ‘streaming.’

8-  You need to strategize how you wish to introduce and analyze the topic. The previous section appears to be analyzing the streaming topic from a different layer of the OSI model than this section. Additionally, terminology such as ‘some issues’ is vague and not appropriate for a technical document that is exploring this topic. 

9-  Again, you have moved to “codec” another aspect of the streaming topic that appears disconnected from your previous sections. Here you are explaining how the data is encoded and decoded. Does this relate in any way to the previous sections? 

Thank You

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