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This stage is viewed to be escapist and self-serving in nature. In fact, it is a drastic and despairing way of escaping form responsibility and commitment. As such, it basically fails to acknowledge an individual’s communal existence and social debt. Additionally, Kierkegaard argues that the aesthetic state replaces actual and real affairs or states with fantasies making it a self-deceiving state.

Thus, Kierkegaard is very critical of the aesthetic life.

The aesthetic state is also characterized by a continuous flight from boredom. This makes boredom to be a significant obstacle to the aesthete. Since the aesthete stage is characterized by pleasures, it is vital for an individual to look for ways to maximize the pleasures. However, with continuous repetition, the pleasures tend to lose their interest and intensity. Subsequently, the appeal and look for pleasure fades leading to a gradual creeping of boredom. Actually, aesthetes fear boredom as much as they fear pain. This makes it a huge obstacle to the aesthetic life. Boredom leads to a reduction in the anticipation and want for pleasure. To deal with boredom, the individual has to rotate his/her pleasures. By rotating the pleasures, the individual turns the boring into interesting pleasures.

The moral life and the aesthetic life both offer different life views. Whereas the aesthetic life view is focused on the self, the moral life focuses on the society. The moral life is a reflection of the societal norms. Therefore, the moral life is aimed at helping others whereas the aesthete life view is self-serving. Additionally, Judge William argues that an individual’s ability to make a decision or choice is the main difference between an ethicist and an aesthete. As such, the difference between the two states boils down to recognizing or acknowledging good and evil or basically ignoring them. An aesthete ignores what is good or evil and instead focuses on pleasure while an ethicist acknowledges good

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