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Compose a 750 words essay on Sopholces plays often seem to support the idea of democracy. What specific statements and events in Antigone make this true If you disagree then show how antigone is actually undemocratic. Needs to be plagiarism free!

All democratic acts are regarded as tyranny against the state and thus, punishable. The first instance is made in reference to the burial of the two brothers of Antigone. Eteocles who was not honorable by Greek’s standards, was given a respectful burial but Polyneices, who was considered an honorable man was denied the right to a respectful burial (Butler, 2000). The play begins at this instance when Antigone is pleading with her sister Ismene to help her bury their brother regardless of Creon’s orders. Ismene refused to help as she is afraid of the law as declared by Creon. She confesses to her sister that, “I yield to those who have authority” (line 67). She states that the divine law that allows her to give a befitting burial and respect the dead was being taken away from her and she strongly decided to respect the law of the gods as they were conflicting with those of Creon. In lines 453-55, she says,

Even though Antigone is aware that being disobeying Creon’s orders will cost her life, she cannot risk disobeying the gods. She says that she is not afraid of Creon’s wrath than she is of “the gods’ tribunal” (458).

There is no democracy in Antigone as the whole state is in uproar over the wicked reign of Creon as king. He has become very unpopular and people are just tired of him, even his son, Haemon who he has always considered very obedient has resorted to mocking him. Creon is not even moved when Teresias approaches him to tell him what people in town are saying about him. Creon believes that the state is supreme than all the people in Thebes and as a ruler, he makes the decisions for the benefit of the state as his will sovereign. In line 188-190, he says,

Democracy means that the rule doesn’t discriminate between genders but in Antigone, women are not given a chance before men (Ruthann, 2007). When Antigone brothers died, Creon took the crown because he was a male

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