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I will pay for the following essay The impact of October Crisis of Canada. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

All in all, the effects of this war had many negative implications for the people of Canada, and especially Quebec. This article reviews the impact of this in Canada and mainly Quebec.

On 5thOctober 1970, James Cross, who was a British diplomat, was kidnapped in his residence at gun point. In a few hours the members of FLQ movement admitted to the abduction.

They demanded for the release of their own members who were convicted for murder and violence. The justice minister of Quebec denied these demands. On the same day the Quebec minister of labor and immigration, Pierre Laporte, was kidnapped and later killed. This triggered the government to deploy the Canadian armed forces to assist the local police in manning Canada. They also declared the “apprehend insurrection” under the war measures act. The state of emergency declared a ban against the FLQ movement and detention without charges were authorized (Tetley, 2006).

The Quebec nationalists started the FLQ movement in 1963 as measure to initiate a spirit of unity in Quebec. The Quebec people comprised of individuals who used French as their first language. This spirit of nationalism was historical from the time France had colonized the region of North America which is currently referred to as Quebec. In Quebec the majority of the people were French speakers as compared to their number in the rest of Canada. As a result, they viewed themselves as a secluded minority. This feeling to a large extent propelled this group to establish a movement that would sensitive to their democratic rights. For instance, their remuneration was lower than that of the British people. In the province of Quebec, the English Canadian earned 40% percent higher than all other ethnic groups (Monrue, 2009). This strengthened the desire to form an entity to fight for their survival as the government had failed to provide the same. This was the origin of this revolutionary movement (Tetley, 2006).

The FLQ was started

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