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Write 11 page essay on the topic Upgrade Library System.

First, the institution’s brand name will improve attracting more students and other interested team of researchers.

Second, student’s performance will greatly improve both their psychological attitudes and Morales being improved. This will directly and indirectly enhance their academic performance. The conflicts between students and staff that result of poor quality products and services shall be reduced. The quality of service delivered to students shall increase. For example, by automating all its operations, it will be able to better respond to the needs of students in a faster and more accurate manner.

The upgraded library will save time thereby allowing more time for studying. It will also lead to higher productivity and improved attitudes towards learning and studying in the college. The project has numerous benefits both tangible and intangible not only to the sponsors but also to the society at large. I therefore, strongly recommend that the project be undertaken to realize its potential fruits of growth and development in the arena of education and research.

The proposal involves the upgrading the library to suit and respond to the ever-increasing needs of students and other interested stakes. Through a brief historical background of Miami-Dade College, the project has highlighted the need for upgrading the library system to address the increasing number of their students and their ever-changing needs. The project aims at improving the service delivery by reducing the workload of librarians, saving time, automation of all the library operations. It will also increase the efficiency and the general outputs of the staff. The project will consist of three members, who have vast expertise and knowledge in the field of technology and administration o key a keen eye of the progress of the project to ensure its success. The research will take a maximum of two weeks considering the urgency and role it is awaiting to play in the institution that is marred with inefficiency and high staff turnover due to using the traditional manual system in its operations.

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