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Hi, I need help with essay on Autism: Given what you know about educating people with autism today what are some things you might have changed or provided more support in John E. Robison’s upbringing. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Some of the children end up feeling disowned and unappreciated as they look totally different from their age mates.

&nbsp.John Robison, the author of the book ‘Look at me’ and he grew up with social problems, loneliness and isolation because he did not know how to communicate verbally or non verbally. He had no pleasure of a good life just like other children because he could not understand the verbal language and mostly symbols used as forms of communication. &nbsp.According to Hamilton (2009) autism may pose a major threat to a person’s social interaction skills. At times, individuals suffering from autism may seem too maladroit and may annoy so many people if care is not taken. They may not be conscious of what other people think or feel, or even understand what symbols are used on them.

Teachers have a major role to play in educating students in their classes who may be suffering from autism. Being educators, they have a responsibility of ensuring that autism learners have a chance to access proper education. According to Miller and Arieh (2009) this kind of learners require specific programming and modes of instruction and it is therefore, the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that a premeditated and synchronized approach is undertaken for the success of learning by these students.

In the case of Robinson, one of the teaching methodologies that would have allowed successful education would be the use of visual aids in learning. Miller and Arieh (2009) argue that visual aids are useful for learning in terms of providing a base whereby the learner is given an opportunity to think and learn through relating meanings. Pictures provide a chance for autism learners to communicate through what they see as well as grasp the content under instruction. Visual aids may be used for long-term learning as they may be put in the classroom for continuous

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