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Need an argumentative essay on Why dams and river projects are administered by the USACE. The Defense Budget is exactly where those projects are because Congress would be reluctant to fight over it. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The US having a lot of enemies and allies, needs information operation in order to be a head of its enemies inters of information. This means that the US and its allies always have an advantage of any information issue over their enemies. Maintain superiority in the information sector is therefore the main goal that IO aims at achieving.

The environment of the information is also vital for the success of IO. It is considered to be the combination of the organizations, the individuals, and the systems that are collectively involved in the collection, processing, dissemination and acting on the information. It is therefore divided into three parts. The informational, the physical and the cognitive. With the use of the five core capabilities of IO, the US is able to influence many aspects off the information industry in order to protect their own information. IO has three major military functions. This is the public affairs, defense support to public diplomacy as well as military civil operations. However IO does not do anything to compromise the purpose of these capabilities. However they always work together in order to achieve the desired goals that are set.

Full spectrum operation is now growing in the US army. This all began in 2001 when the government began to feel that the US army should be able to go into any country and act on any deployment whether the country has any peace or it is a war torn nation. It is for this reason that the army needs a lot of support indoor to gain advantage of the peoples support. Infrastructure and construction is major part in the engineering department of the army corps. They build bridges and dams that the army uses to train as well as any architectural design that is spoilt by the army in any of its mission. USAGE is a MACOM army. This is a major command army that is given assignments that involves the execution, of all military construction and

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