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The police department is the government wing that is noted not to implement the laws effectively. Despite the fact that t the police officers are to help the citizens obey and respect the rule of law in the process aiding in the implementation of the laws, research in the police department shows that the police officers play a bid role in breaking the law. Police officers are known to be corrupt in the course of the duties. In so doing, they let criminals and other lawbreakers to go against the rule of law because they have been bribed. This forms an obstacle in the government quest for law implementation.

The gap created between the laws on the books with the law enforcement creates a huge risk to the society. Criminals and other gangs take advantage of this weakness to terrorize the society members. This creates fear, and the security of the society deteriorates. With poor security investments in the areas cannot take place (Landes & Posner, 1975).

The citizens have developed negative attitudes to both the people responsible for regulating the laws, as well as the lawmakers. From history, the lawmakers have been exploiting the public through creation of laws that only favors them and seems to be undermining the citizens. This experience has forced the public to have a negative attitude towards the lawmakers. The public is that the lawmakers cannot make any law that can benefit them. the laws that are always made are weak and burden the poor most (Roland & Verdier, 2003).

On the other hand, their attitude towards the law enforcers is even worse. Despite the fact that the law enforcers role is to protecting the public interest through regulation of laws they are putting the public interest in jeopardy by putting theirs first. This makes the public detest the law regulators as much as the lawmakers since they both serve their interest ahead of the public interest (Polinsky & Shavell, 2007).

Concerning power balance, the law regulators are claiming that

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