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I will pay for the following essay Why is humility so important How does the monastery promote humility and what is the goal of practicing humility. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Humility is the excellence of oneself. In other words, being humble is humility that brings human beings closer to God. The person, who is humble, bestows glory where it is owed. There are many reasons that explain the importance of humility in a person. With the power of humbleness or humility, one can understand that for all the good or bad things that happen, God is the operative power. Moreover, without being humble, no one can be submissive, gentle, and patient to obey the commandments of God (Benedict, 1982, ch – 7, p – 32). Besides, to enter in God’s kingdom of heaven, one should have to be humble as child so that God will give the permission to enter in the heaven. It has also been described that various steps of humility is the stair to heaven through which one can enter in the heaven (Benedict, 1982, ch – 7, p – 32). One who is full of humility gets the forgiveness from God. It has been said that if one is humble and prays with full of his or her heart then God hears it from heaven and forgive his/her sins (Benedict, 1982, ch – 7, p – 43). It has been said that one should be humble rather than exalted. It can be seen in every religion that only God has the power to do everything. Whoever thinks that they have done it and is taking the pride as well as praising themselves, they are not aware of God’s power. Furthermore, human beings are unknown about the fact that, whatever is going on the earth is executed by the God (Benedict, 1982, ch – 7, p – 32). In another way, if one is doing good things and is being happy of oneself, the person will want to be alive for self. This thinking is not acceptable, as Altruism describes that an individual should sacrifice oneself for others. However, pride of an individual is an obstacle in the way of sacrifice and only through humility one can reach the end of the way (Benedict, 1982, ch – 5, p – 29). Humility demands definitive belief in it from

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