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Another factor that caused the disaster was lack of expertise for successful design and implementation of the venture. While suggestions were made for outsourcing, and an experienced personnel offered services besides proposals for joint ventures with experienced organizations, General electric resorted to using its personnel that turned out to be inefficient. Reducing the testing period for the product from the proposed two years to two months is another cause of the disaster as flaws could not be adequately detected (Evans, 2007).

Responsibility over these failures lies with both the line supervisor and the company’s top management. The line supervisor failed to recognize the potential threats to the project’s success and to enlighten the top management for informed decision making. The management is also responsible for its decision to use internal human resource for the project instead of the proposed outsourcing (Evans, 2007).

The disaster might have been prevented by the management implementation of suggestions and recommendations at lower level of the organization’s structure. These included the expressed opinions of the company’s engineering technicians as well as a consultant’s opinion that called for extra measures in undertaking the project. Respecting the proposals would have designed an efficient product, free from the later identified faults. Another possible initiative that could have prevented the disaster is competence in decision making among the organization’s top management. Similarly, adherence to the originally stipulated ‘two-year’ testing period would have identified the project’s problems for either corrective measures or alternative projects (Evans, 2007).

The major learnt lesson from the case is the fact that operational efficiency is a very important aspect in a production process. Such efficiencies require focus from a project’s first step, which is preliminary research on feasibility, up to evaluation of a

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