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I will pay for the following essay Compare and contrast about the apocalypse. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

As such, varying literature have endeavored to explain about the concept of the apocalypse as they can best imagine.

Having seen that, it is important to compare and contrast such different writings about the apocalypse to analyze where there seem to be convergent of opinions. In the event of any similarity in opinions, it will still be hard to make a conclusion. No one has offered any reliable evidence that the apocalypse shall take the exact same way or as described by creative opinion of authors, actors and artist. Even so, such analyses do provide a rich background from which to postulate the possible occurrence. It is also not clear whether the anxiety do with the apocalypse are human being’s realm of fear or extreme creativity of prophesy. Whichever it may be , what then are the various concepts about apocalypse as presented by various authors.

The poem Apostrophe To Man by Edna St. Vincent Millay has its version of apocalypse. According to Millay, man’s quest for knowledge is closely tied with the apocalypse. According to her, science and technology has contributed in making the human race very hostile to the extent that they have engaged in unwarranted wars that threaten to bring an end to the very civilizations that they have toiled to build. She observes that science has succeeded in making human life both long and short. While there may be facilities that human beings can use to improve life, they have also developed those that are capable to take away life in great numbers. Millay analyses the apocalypse as time that shall be characterized by the above phenomena. The author also observed that human being’s shall be characterized by an on and off circle of disaster after disaster. She seems to be asserting that the apocalypse shall come to be as a result corrupted human wisdom. Life in the days of apocalypse, she postulates, shall be an endless chain of ain and suffering (Millay 1).

On the other hand, Bradbury’s fiction August 2026:

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