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Hi, need to submit a 5000 words essay on the topic Nursing Utilization Project-Improving Quality Initiatives & Standard in the Community Services Program.

naturally be followed by several systemic changes. creating the necessary management structure. developing the strategies for the changes to take place. designing the mechanisms to incorporate the change. and assigning the resources.

This proposal has been inspired by various researchers, a study conducted by Rabbani et al.

(2007) which assessed the feasibility of using the BSC within a low-income health setting and resulted in improvements in patient, staff, clinical, and financial outcomes alike within their health care settings. Another study by Hashmi (2003) used a QAPI program similar to the one proposed herein. Implementation of the quality improvement initiatives shall be commenced with the staff practicing better customer service complimented by thorough training and monitoring by the QAPI team.

A number of surveys and interviews shall be done with the patients, community and staff to evaluate the quality improvement initiatives on a regular basis. Such data will be reported to the Board of Directors to evaluate. The reporting cycle is every 90 days or approximately 6 months. The Board shall have the final decision in approving policy changes within this proposal as necessary, in order for the plan to be effective in the process of improving the quality of services of Walton Community Services to garner at least 90% compliance rating in the improvement of customer services, an achieve CARF certification and increase funding.

Walton Community Services, Inc., a reliable community healthcare provider is concerned with the continued provision of a high quality of service to the majority of its clientele. Accreditation not only improves one status within the field of community providers, but also establishes the company as a reputable provider of community services and ensures funding through different sources.

Walton Community Services, Inc. must defend the vision of the company by providing the highest quality of customer service it can offer its

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