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Middle childhood ages are thus shaped by their orientation and inclination to leadership in these organizations.

Mediation has further been highlighted as a core source of leadership. This is due to the fact that it leads to critical thinking and the addition of new perspectives and the leading of these organizations to improve the leadership motive and the development of new mental processes which prepares the children for the transition into the into the next stage of development, adolescence. The level of leadership skills within these individuals as they transit to the next stage of development is the core determinant of how successful they go through this stage of management without necessarily losing their leadership traits (Karpov, 2009). However, children transition into this stage without the adequate leadership skills leads to a chaotic adolescence period.

According to Vygotsky and neo Vygotskians, reading and learning is the root of gaining scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge assists individuals cultivate better leadership skills and in the absence of learning, the capacity of people to venture into successful leadership is highly limited to their skills and abilities. These skills and abilities are mainly acquired during the learning process they undergo. In Vygotsky’s argument most children in industrialized countries, during their middle childhoods, undergo intensive learning to acquire the necessary skills required for these nations to attain overall success.

During the middle childhood, there are a variety of issues that have been presented to pose a number of issues on the overall wellbeing of the individual. However, the most interesting aspect about middle childhood is the developmental process which individuals undergo during the learning process. The middle childhood revolves around school, since school is where these children can interact with their friends, as most of their friends are within the schools they learn. Arguably,

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