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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic What are the main data collection techniques to elicit requirements Is one better than another What is the preferred method.

Basically, there are two types of interview: structured and unstructured interview based data collection methods. We can extract a lot of useful data through such interviews. We can use this technique to discover people’s opinions, feelings, objectives and hard facts. However, there are certain limitations of this method, for example a large amount of qualitative data can be hard to analyze and it is extremely difficult to compare diverse respondents (Fisher & Foreit, 2002. Summerhill & Taylor, 1992).

This is a significant data collection technique to elicit requirements. This method allows us to collect data and information quickly a large number of people. Here we are able to easily manage this process remotely. This can also offer a great deal of support for collecting data about beliefs, attitudes and characteristics. However, there are also certain problems with this method like that its simplistic (presupposed) categories offer a very small background. Here we also have no room for users to communicate their real requirements (Fisher & Foreit, 2002. Summerhill & Taylor, 1992).

This data collection technique to elicit requirements is used for summarization as well as feedback. Here we are able to discuss the outcome of the data collection stage. This method also allows us to extract a set of requirements. We can use this data collection technique as a significant management tool. However, the scope of this technique is very limited (depends on the discussion) (Fisher & Foreit, 2002. Summerhill & Taylor, 1992).

This data collection technique to elicit requirements is based on the brainstorming and project team. This technique allows us to make use of more natural communication between people as compared to a formal interview. In this scenario, we are able to measure reaction to motivation materials (for example: storyboards, mock-ups, etc.). This method has also some disadvantages for instance it is can create unnatural

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