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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: And the Earth Did Not Devour Him.

This book also has been adapted&nbsp.into&nbsp.a movie that is widely known as And the Earth Did Not Swallow Him.” (Moore).&nbsp. This book tells the story of a young boy whose parents are migrant farm workers. This boy has lost one year of his life and he tries to understand how he has lost a year of his life and tries to reconcile himself regarding this matter. This character has no name or the author of this book has not given any indication about date, setting or place where the boy and his family live (Novoa).

The book has 14 short stories and 13 vignettes of life that are interlinked with each other. The book starts when the male protagonist is trying to remember when the last year started and reached its end. He also tries to remember the events&nbsp.during&nbsp.his life during this time period. The events are not listed in a chronological&nbsp.manner,&nbsp.and the boy continues to occasionally fall asleep in the narrative of the book,& it’s not clear whether he is remembering the past events or just is having some dreams. As he attempts to reconcile memory and reality of life& mind, it is difficult for him to decide anything. There are many themes in this novel such as survival, education, family and community (Novoa).&nbsp.

This book tells the story of a young boy whose background is of Mexican-American migrant workers. The time period of this book is a span of one year that offers a third part narrative as well as perspective regarding the hard life of these workers and their families (Limon). One of the most common occurrences in the community is&nbsp.death,&nbsp.which is also a great cause of fear.&nbsp.

Moreover, most of the& owners depicted are demanding as well as greedy.&nbsp.Most often, they refuse to give most of the basic facilities of life to these migrant workers who work& land.&nbsp. At such a time, the main support of these migrant workers is their families as well as communities for basic survival. The

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