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Write 8 page essay on the topic Evaluate the validity of the reasons given by Thomas Moore for his condemnation of William Tyndale’s english translation of the New Testament.

translation survived, since they were all burnt, nevertheless the New Testament translations in English as we know it today are largely the fruit of the work of William Tyndale. However, this same work was not well received in his time, largely due to the strict beliefs of the Catholic church, and this was also the grounds for the conflict in the views of Thomas Moore and William Tyndale.

The major reasons for Moore’s condemnation of Tyndale’s work may be listed as follows: (a) faulty translation of certain words which provided scope for distortion of the scriptural message (b) the notion that such faulty translation made Tyndale a hypocrite and a dangerous heretic (c) the fact that Tyndale supported the King of England as the Head of the Church, thereby seriously undermining the established hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, of which the Pope was the leader. This further substantiated Moore’s condemnation of Tyndale as a man rebelling against the Catholic church.

The Catholics believed in the Pope as being the head of the Church and Thomas Moore was a staunch Catholic who believed that it was indeed the Pope who had the right to be hailed as the Head of the Church. However, Tyndale offered a different view on this, that it was actually the Monarch of England who was the head of the Church, since in those days Henry VIII was the ruling head of England. Tyndale approved of the Monarch as being the Head of the Church, so long as that Monarch obeyed God.

The brunt of Tyndale’s ire was expended against the corrupt church practices that existed in the Catholic church at the time and he was intent upon bringing the contents of the New testament to the attention of the lay people. The only means to do this was to translate the original Latin and Hebrew of the New Testament into simple English so that the masses among the English public would also be able to understand it. This was also in accordance with the encouragement that Tyndale provided to the

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