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I will pay for the following essay Literature Review to prove that Housing the Homeless is Cheaper than Leaving Them on The Streets. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

However, counties and cities affiliated with a campaign identified as the 100,000 Homes movement have so far succeeded to take 80,000 of the families off the streets. Regional governments and NGOs do most of the job. (, 2014)The money they use is mostly gotten from existing private donations and federal programs, and there is proof that this method saves taxpayer funds.

A former prison in Colorado was recently converted into a homeless shelter. This move is not only benefit to the homeless but also to the taxpayer, as well. (, 2014) In southeastern Colorado, the Fort Lyon Correctional Facility had housed prisoners until it was closed down in 2011 due to budget cuts. (Affairs, 2014) It stayed dormant for two years as the lawmakers debated on how the building was to be used (, 2014). They decided on the creation of a $3.9 million project to reopen the Facility as a homeless shelter that would house 200 people majority of who were veterans. Although many conservatives may balk at the cost an urban-focused media outlet, Next City, makes and excellent and valid point. Even when not considering factors such as humane treatment and dignity, it is by far cheaper for taxpayers to shelter homeless people than to leave them out on the streets. Approximately 60% of the homeless people are drug and alcohol addicts while about 30% suffer from very serious medical conditions. (, 2014)Due to these increased medical conditions it is evident that leaving them in the streets is more dangerous as chances of contracting diseases is higher compared to them being in a shelter. (, 2014)

More evidence to support this theory comes from the county of Los Angeles. Researchers concluded a comprehensive evaluation of a years-long campaign to shelter members of Los Angeles’ chronic homeless population dubbed Project 50. (, 2014)

The program cost

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