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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Affecting France’s Identity Within Europe Today.

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The report, in an endeavour to examine the issues igniting the recent riots in France, highlights major dimensions that are scathing France’s identity as a secular and unified social model.The foundations of French society is said to be resting on the principles of secularism and social unity. Evident from the vehement situation observed in France last year, the country senses the cornerstones of secularism and equality to be shaken vigorously. The identity of France as a secular and united state with common and unbiased rights to people also seems to have shattered as the French citizen themselves feel downtrodden by the law for setting restrictions to their freedom of individual choice. This situation poses great threats to the French ethos of unified nation building as well as induces concerns on the efficiency of government’s efforts to tie people in the French social bond.The major problem and limitation of the report lie in the fact that the report has been devised and written based upon research consisting of various sources mentioned above. Due to distance, this report has not been composed on the grounds of personal observation or experience of the incidents and riots that actually took place in the country.The report has been broken down into several sections, consisting the main text of the report, conclusions and recommendations. The main text discusses the core object of the report and highlights several issues based upon research.


The French Republican model strives to keep the French people undivided on the basis of differences in religion, cast, gender and ideology, and allows them to enjoy equal rights as citizens of France, apart from any discrimination (Gazsi, 2005). This happens to be the essence of French history, where the society as traditonally stood up against favouritism and prejudice on the basis of religion, while the government regards it as the private affair of citizens rather than a social one.


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