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Mrs Doutfire is seemingly hurt by the deeds of her husband and she pours her pain out. The couple argues from the bedroom to the kitchen upon which Mrs Doutfire laments incessantly about working out the marriage for 14 years (Hocker & Wilmot, 2014). The argument persists until it reaches a climax that is emotional where the wife mentions about divorce. She is evidently hurt by her husband’s irresponsibility that has lasted throughout the 14 years of their marriage.

The source of conflict in the house is the husband’s irresponsibility. The party that Mrs Doutfire’s husband held in her absence is the spark that ignites the conflict. After Mrs Doutfire stormed the house and seeing the uproar, she starts arguing in a shrill voice. The conflict then ensues to the bedroom and on to the kitchen where Mrs Doutfire finally speaks about wanting a divorce.

The parties involved in the conflict make up a family. The kids jumping on the seats and tables when Mrs Doutfire storms the house are the children of the couple. The horse that eats the cake is also a family horse (Hocker & Wilmot, 2014).

The conflict has been going on for 14 years. Mrs Doutfire reveals that the couple has been in the marriage for 14 years when she seeks for divorce. She is apparently fed up with her husband’s frivolity. The husband gets emotional and pleads with her but it does not change a thing since Mrs Doutfire is hell-bent on wanting a divorce. This proves that the conflict has been recurrent for the period the couple has been in the marriage (Hocker & Wilmot, 2014).

Mrs Doutfire and her husband are arguing ceaselessly on various things, which makes the conflict to worsen. However, the husband tries to make up things upon realizing that the wife is fed up with him. The wife is not convinced that his husband will change since for the 14 years they have been married there has been no change (Hocker & Wilmot, 2014).

The best way to manage the conflict is through a consensual agreement between the couple.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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