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It does not adore corporate culture as other organizations in the world. In fact, from the pictures provided in the Googleplex, it is evident that Google’s work place looks like a playground for adults. However, Google’s success can be associated with this culture. Google’s people work extensively towards ensuring its employees are happy in order to maintain high productivity.

Since its introduction in 1998, Google has been very successful in meeting the needs of its many clients worldwide. Additionally, it is evident that it experiences very few challenges if any from its employees. Additionally, its users increases daily. currently it has over 540 million users. The high number of users correlates with the services offered by its employees.

There are strong reasons that make organizations to either fail or succeed in their daily activities. Some of the reasons are beyond financial and economic potential of organizations. Google is one of the companies in the world that is very successful (Coffey, 2009). Its success correlates with its good idea, an idea that developed from its strong culture. An employee’s happiness contributes significantly towards the success of any organization. Compared to other workers in other environments, happy workers are very effective and productive. After carrying out extensive research, Google found out that people produce more when they have positive emotions. In fact, they learnt that creativity of people related with their happiness. Majority of the employees were found to solve complex problems faster and within a day when they were happy (Coffey, 2009). To catch with technology and demands of many of its users worldwide, Google enacted the employee happiness culture.

There is a close relationship between an employee’s feelings and an organization’s outcomes. In most occasions, lost of productivity in organizations is as a result of employees’ disengagement. For instance, employees’ disengagement costs the

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