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Many of the English writers tried to translate the Decameron or the hundred tales from time to time but few of them were successful in translating all the hundred tales.

The Boccaccio linked these tales as both of them are about religious issues one is applauding the Christianity while the other is providing proof for all of the three religions by relating them to an example of three rings that bypasses honor and state to its descendants provided by a Jew to Saladin and remained safe from him due to him (Wallis).

There are few similarities in both the novels as both of these novels are from the same day that is the First and are the product of human’s power of revoking ideas in response to the environment that one idea give birth to another idea one point is clarified by the other person in an interpersonal communications (Payne).

The similarities that are observed in these two novels are the religious sentiments that are involved in these two novels one applauds Christianity while the other applauds the three big religions that is Islam, Christianity and Judaism (Migiel).

In both the stories the ideas are clarified by the use of examples that is in the 2nd novel the idea is clarified by the visit of the Jew to the court of Rome and in the third novel the point is clarified by the example of the ring that passes honor and state to the dependent of a king.

In both the novels the central characters are Jews that is in the 2nd novel it is Abraham and in the third novel it is Melcheizedeck. Another similarity in both the novels are both the Jews in the novels were wealthy.

Main difference is the change of the result in both the novels that is in 2nd novel the end result of the is that a Jew went to Rome for personal observation of the Rome’s court after the preaching of one of his Christian friend but returned with bad experience and becomes Christian unexpectedly, this novel explains the grace of God on some people. While the end result of the 3rd novel

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