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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on 2: Executing Strategies in a Global Environment: Examining the Case of Federal Express. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

The industry is highly competitive and competitors like UPS with their strong distribution model are competing very hard but Federal Express with its innovative product designing captures 54% overnight express, 48% differed and 22% ground of total US market share. It is the product innovations and customer’s facility that has kept this global courier organization sustainable and competitive in the market. Modern day courier industry is ever-changing. According to different statistics shown in the case it is very clear that the company over the years has maintained its profitability with the help of continuous innovation. Innovation should be the building block through which the company should maintain above average profitability. For that reason the organization can go for extensive product differentiations. As the competitions from UPS are cut throat so cost leadership strategy will not be suitable building block for the organization, because maintaining above average profitability is not possible with the help of this strategy.

After analyzing value creation frontier of the company it is easy to say that customers of the organization are ready to pay extra bit of money for the innovative high quality and timely services. Federal Express has very strong and reliable brand image in the mind of customers. Only innovation building block can reinforce that image. It will provide the company long term profitability and supreme competitive advantages.

Product differentiation and capacity control is very important for Federal Express to remain competitive in the market. The organization can take the help of modern technology which will help the organization to manage their vast inventories. Over the years the organization spend substantial amount of money for technological improvement. In 2004, the organization purchased Kinko for $2.4 million dollar. With the help of this purchase the organization was able to spread its network in the United States. The main aim

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