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commonly linked with theories of leadership, tend to be linked with the ethical values, as well as expectations of public officials. possibly allowing for the integration of these ethical contemplation into an integrated methodology to public-sector leadership. Therefore, this paper is an attempt to look at the subject of public-sector ethics,

along with its relevance to an integrated leadership methodology whereby there is incorporation of ethical contemplation into a leadership framework.

There is a perception that ethics, together with leadership tend to be mutually-reinforcing notions. Leadership loosely refers to the actions influencing and directing the performance of others in the direction of the achievement of organizational, as well as collective goals. On the other hand, ethics mostly refers to an internal set of moral codes, along with reasoning on the basis of societal and authoritarian norms. Therefore, the evaluation of ethical appropriateness regarding leader behavior is often in terms of abstract, as well as highly idealistic notions in regard to individual’s prescriptive perceptions of how leaders should act. As such, in the public-sector whereby leaders are implored to uphold varying and even conflicting stages of ethical responsibility, it turns out to be an increasing expectation that leaders meet a number of the prototypical, as well as idealized expectations of those they tend to represent.

In an age whereby high profile tumbles by public-sector leaders within ethical, as well as moral judgment are in most cases are out in the open, citizens have come to anticipate increasingly higher principles of ethical conduct as a wide range of activities are now perceived as immoral. There is a link between mounting awareness, along with changing societal values to the public’s interest in ethics management. Consequently, citizens have turned out to be more assertive, as well as demanding towards leaders within the public-sector demonstrating

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