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I will pay for the following essay Water Supply and Its Situation in Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Nevada andMexico. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

First, in the case of Texas that is experiencing about 40% of drought conditions as Hess & Frohlich write, the state needs to reverse the heavy use of water in the processing of natural gases in the fracking process (1). This will help save water and even save the agricultural sector. Oklahoma’s water problem may be solved by making agreements with other states on how it can save water even if it has to dig underground reservoirs for the same. Hess & Frohlich says that the same case would apply for Arizona since the state enjoys seasonal rains throughout the year (1). Through saving this water in underground reservoirs, the state can help deal with the severe drought conditions. Kansas, Nevada, and Mexico would greatly benefit from an institution of a water management plan that would even include the help of engineers to even construct underground pipes that will help store and transport water in the required places. For the case of California, investing in desalination water plants would prove useful since these plants as Hess & Frohlich explain would help save a lot of water that would have otherwise gone into waste (1). This water would also help in agricultural practices among the many farm workers in the state. From an analysis of the water supply conditions in these states, it is evident that there requires having stringent and timely measures to solve the water problems existing today.

As seen in the compilation of Hess & Frohlich, fracking is a major contributor to drought in Texas (1). According to BBC, fracking is the process that involves drilling into the earth in the quest to release the gas underground (1). In this process, water of high pressure is directed at that underground rock so as to release the gas underneath. In the course of the fracking process, BBC writes that gas flares up from the ground either after the horizontal or a vertical process of hitting the rock layers.

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