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eet who was a Dutch trader specializing in the importation of coffee beans to the U.S which he would roast and crush them resulting in a delicious flavor. The trader owned a coffee kiosk that attracted a sizeable number of customers including the three founders of Starbucks. They opened a coffee store in Settle in 1971 through personal and borrowed capital. The brand name Starbucks was associated with traditional coffee traders and the legend of the high seas.

Basically, the company deals with processing and selling differentiated coffee products such as roasted coffee beans, coffee and tea beverages, cold blended beverages as well as beverage-related accessories and equipment.

The company promotes the livelihoods of the public especially in the coffee growing regions. It promotes environmental conservation through tree planting activities with coffee growing communities. It also supports wildlife conservation in the poor coffee producing countries as well as educating farmers on better methods of coffee production. The company supports education and community development in poor rural communities. Its policy on ethics supports the global business ethics and is implemented through established regulations that each member of the organization should follow on day to day basis.

Currently the company directly employs 137,000 workers and more than 100,000 indirectly employed through its products supply chain. The company is a multinational with subsidiaries established in 55 countries globally.

Diversity in the workforce is a strategic human resource management practice that allows integration of various competencies and talents disregarding racial and ethnic background or gender among employees. It helps to avoid discrimination in the workplace.

The company engages in best human resource human resource practices and attaches great value to its human capital. Working conditions, remuneration and professional ethics are held with high regard. It is the best company

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