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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Nonaka and Takeuchis (1995) SECI model of knowledge conversion within organisations has received great attention amongst knowledge management practitioners and academics. Nonetheless, some reviews are critical of the SECI model.

The SECI model, cycle, process, or spiral is very significant in the knowledge creation process. The knowledge is expanded through the movement within the four models of conversion (Stary 2007, p141).

The theory of organizational knowledge creation was developed by Nonaka and Takeuchi and it originated from the studies of information creation in companies that were innovative.

The theory appears to have undertaken two stages of development. In the initial stages, two dimensions of the theory of knowledge creation were proposed (Gourlay 2004, p1). The first dimension also known as epistemological dimension is the place of interaction between the explicit and tacit knowledge. In this dimension, there is conversion of knowledge from one type to the other and thus, new knowledge is created (Remenyi 2003, p377). The SECI model has the following components. socialization, externalization, combination, and internalization (Stary 2007, p142). The four models of knowledge created were socialization (tacit to tacit), externalization (tacit to explicit), combination (explicit to explicit), and internalization (explicit to tacit). After the internalization, the process goes to a new level and thus the representation with the word spiral of knowledge creation. the process is often described as the SECI model. The conversion of knowledge is a social process and its effect on the first dimension tends to be individual since the second dimension also known as ontological dimension portrays the passage from the individual to the inert-organizational knowledge through the organizational and group levels. The process amplifies the individual knowledge and crystallizes a section of the organizational knowledge network. This is described as the process of creating organizational knowledge. it is also referred to as spiral (Remenyi 2003, p378).

It is the process of sharing

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