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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Critically consider the impact of implementing the new statutory guidence for the new early years foundation stage 2012 across the early years sector. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The new statutory guidance is based on four principles that ensure the child is brought up in a unique manner to produce an individual who is self reliant and independent. It provides to the professionals a set of principles and requirements whose target is providing high quality education to the children. The principles ensures that all the professional educators meet a certain set target of quality ensuring that the children are equally educated at the tender age. The new statutory insists on the professionals spending more of their time interacting with the children to ensure that there are more creative and communicate easily. The uniformity in the kind of quality expected in the children at this age will ensure that the level of competition in the education increases and hence better individuals are produced starting from this early stage.

The new early year’s foundation is very mindful on the children and the improvements are expected to benefit them more. It equips the professionals with knowledge of how to share the progress of children between the age of one and three years (Jarvis, George and Holland 2013, p.65). The children are assessed on personal, emotional and social development that was not there in the earlier foundation. The children are also examined on literacy in mathematics design and expressive arts. This kind of assessment will have an effect on the children such that their talents and abilities are identified very early and guiding them into choosing a career will be easier.

The EYFS insists on partnership between the parents and the professionals so that the child is developed both at home and at school. It encourages parent involvement in the child development and it gives insight on how they can support the development at home. The parent spends most of the time with the child and it would be easier for them than the teacher to identify the needs of the child that would

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