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Write a 15 page essay on Students’ access to,use of,perceptions and attitudes towards computer assisted language learning in EFL instruction at Tabuk University in Saudi Arabia.

sector, the approach of teaching has transformed and still transforming significantly due to availability of different technologies that have become a part of teaching practices, and administrators are implementing different technological tools to replace conventional forms of teaching (Jones, 2001: 360-367).

In other words, education is now depending heavily on the interactive means of technology, as teachers are endeavoring to provide interactive-based teaching to their students, in order to maintain their concentration and interest that has become one of the major issues in contemporary education society (Hoffmann, 1996: 24-29) (Gattegno, 1976: 20-22).

In such endeavors, ‘computer assisted language learning’ (CALL) is playing a significant role in facilitating teachers and educators in the provision of a learning platform to students with the utilization of advanced forms of technology, especially computers (Allen, 1999: 16-31). Since its commencement, CALL has continued to enhance and improve gradually and has been able to offer significant and effective outcomes that have inclined experts to carry out researches and studies related to this interdisciplinary tool of teaching (Levy, 1996: pp. 23-25).

However, despite various studies (Lirola et al, 2008: 67-81) related to CALL exist today. however, there is still a huge room for new and more importantly, specific studies, as it is a personal observation that culture plays a significant role in the success or failure of CALL in any learning setting. Thus, it is very important to carry out specific and focused studies related to computer-assisted language learning, in order to acquire effective outcomes. Moreover, there is huge need of studies related to CALL, however, in context of EFL, as studies in EFL context are very rare, and thus, new studies will allow a more comprehensive understanding related to pros and cons of the technology. For this purpose, the proposed study will attempt to identify and

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