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I will pay for the following essay Management and Leadership of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

oday, it consists of water parks, theme parks, championship golf courses, resort hotels, and Disney vacation club properties together with sports complex and Downtown Disney. Disney’s Magic Kingdom has not only become the world’s most popular vacation destinations but also a huge contributor to the economy.

The Success of the company can be reflected to the time of Walt Disney. His main aim was to make the company successful by producing unique, creative, and quality entertainment experiences. This can be highlighted by the success of the Mickey Mouse, the first full-length animated movie ever to be produced (Stewart, 2006). The success of the Magic Kingdom has prevailed in spite of several unsuccessful CEOs at the company. Over the years, the company has expanded its theme parks and reached high profits.

However, the company has faced a number of challenges under Michael Eisner. Eisner’s leadership position at the company raised questions regarding Disney’s corporate governance. This reflects to the hiring and firing of Ovitz just fourteen months after his hiring (Lisa, 2012). There was incomplete communication to the board about the situation of Ovitz. The information infrastructure faced the challenge of who received what type of communication, the form of communication and frequency of communication. Another challenge was Eisner’s hiring of close friends as directors to maintain his support within the board. This implied that the company lacked proper mechanisms in the hiring of executive members. Furthermore, the situation at the company was compromised by the shareholders revolt that was pushed by Roy E. Disney to remove Eisner from the company’s leadership (Stewart, 2006). With the support of the board, he removed Eisner from chairmanship. This was a critical point in the company’s corporate governance since in its last two decades. it was uncommon to vote against the re-election of any member in public companies (Lisa, 2012).


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